Felicity Jane – WhatImDoingNow Kit

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I’m back with another look at Felicity Janes’ latest kit called whatimdoingnow…. it’s filled with bright fun colors! Pinks, teal, green, and yellow! You can’t help but be happy when you’re using these colors!! Let’s take a second and appreciate those gold glittered hand lettered foam phrases…………. ahhhhmazing!! I’m in love with them and I would happily use one on every layout if I could! Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit ClubI always love the way that Felicity Janes colors work so well together in a layout! They’re just so fun, bright and vibrant that I can’t help but love.
Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club

be sure to go and stop by their website and check out their latest kits!!

Felicity Jane – Best Day Kit

Hello Hello!!!

I wanted to share with you all some of the most recent layouts i’ve made with the Felicity Jane March Kit! This kit features the bold black and white we’ve come to love from Felicity Jane along with some pretty pinks, corals, greens and teal!!

It lends itself well to whimsical layouts like the one below with the pretty flowers, and soft tones of grey and
Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit ClubFor this next layout I used this really beautiful woodgrain patterned paper, which I’m totally obsessed with. The best thing about these kits is that I’m always left wanting ten more of each paper! The designs are so classic, and timeless yet right on trend too!  I’m pretty sure my favorite piece from this whole kit was that little vellum piece that says “a whole lot of happy” I was sure to use it on my first layout!
Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Sometimes I have a tendency to only use white as a background, a habit I’m trying to stop, so I wanted to use a paper that wasn’t just pain white and this black and white bold striped paper is exactly what I needed to stretch my creative muscles! It’s totally different from what I normally do but that doesn’t stop me from loving it all the same!!

Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club

be SURE to stop by Felicity Jane and take a look around, you won’t be sorry I promise!! I’m my opinion it’s one of the best kits out there right  now!! and I’m totally being honest here…. I’m head over heels with them!

Felicity Jane – You & Me kit

are you guys ready for my second project made with the Felicity Jane Me & You kit?? I sure hope so because here it is!

Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane - You & Me

I honestly just love this layout…. I LOVE that amazing white paper with the pin stripe chevron… I love the directionality of the paper and how it makes your eyes go towards the photo and embellishments. Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane - You & MeWhen I started this layout, I was only pulling from the teal, white and black elements, but as I progressed with the page I knew I needed to add in some of those pretty pinks and corals.
Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane - You & Me adding in some of that gorgeous wood veneer and some simple flair, I was feeling pretty good about the look of my page. But then I realized that yet again, I had forgotten to add some journaling! It’s honestly something I forget a lot and I’m trying hard to be better at!

Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane - You & Me
Alexes Marie Brown - Felicity Jane - You & Me
I honestly sat at played around with the word strips for about 30 minutes… I just couldn’t get it right! I started with about 5 more lines and then eventually decided that there just wasn’t room for all the thoughts I had typed out on my vintage typewriter. I tend to be a little bit of a perfectionist and won’t stop moving things around on a page until I feel like they’re juuuusssttt right… Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it comes together instantly! It all just depends!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon for more pretty paper!

Stash Buster – By Color Scheme

Good morning to you!

I hope you all are doing great on this fine day!

I’ve been in this groove lately as far as my scrapbooking goes and I’m really enjoying myself. I’ve had so many obligations as far as design teams go, for the last few years, so I love it when I have the extra time to for a project when I can just use whatever product I want.

Alexes Marie Brown - You-1I’ve been scrapbooking for over 15 years now and you can bet this lady has a lot of scrapbooking supplies! I’m pretty sure if I were to never again purchase something scrapbooking related, I would still be able to make 12,418,362 layouts. I can measure the thickness of cardstock in feet…. yeah, I might have a bit of a hoarding  thing going on but I just don’t care! I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING STUFF AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! Anyways, the moral of the story is, I’ve got a lot of stuff and I wanna use it up!

I’m sure some of you may be able to relate to this, but every time I clean out my craft room all I can think about is all the $$$ I’m just giving away, and then I recommit myself to using up every. single. piece. So I thought I’d start up a new feature called Stash Buster, and each time I’ll present a new technique I implement into my routine to use up all those extras!

Alexes Marie Brown - YouThe technique I use most often when I’m trying to use of product is to do so by color scheme. I’ll start by picking out a paper that gets my attention and from there I’ll establish my color scheme. The next step is to look through all of my stash and pull things with those colors. As I’m working and playing around with things on my layout, I pull from my pile of embellishments. I’m the kind of scrapbook that moves things around a lot… That’s what I did with this particular layout. I knew I wanted to use the blue striped paper, and I wanted to use one of those pretty gold glittered words from Maggie Holmes, but the rest wasn’t really set. Then as I was flipping through my pile of random embellishments, I found that pretty green and blue leaves chipboard. I liked it so much I decided to use a few other things from that same package.

I like using coordinating embellishments a lot because a lot of the times it pushes me to use colors I wouldn’t normally use. As was the case with this layout. Normally I hate green, but I really like the way it played with the blues and the greys in this page!

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to use up your scraps?
Alexes Marie Brown - You

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope these tips will help you to use up those pretty papers of yours!

Felicity Jane Kit Club

allright all of you wonderful readers, you… I have something really really special to share with you today.

The other day while wondering around on the internets, I came across the website of a newer kit club called Felicity Jane. After perusing through the website and falling more and more in love with each click, I knew I wanted to be involved with this fantastic company!

Fastforward a few weeks and I’ve got this ridiculously fantastic box full of goodies in my lap… take a look



aren’t they just great?

I’ve been on several design teams in my time working in the scrapbooking industry and I can say that this is has been the most fun!! I LOVE the color schemes, the gorgeous embellishments and the fact that everything comes in the most adorable packaging! Every time I get a box in the mail (oh and did I mention that each kit comes in this adorable black and white striped box?) I open it and see how beautiful everything is, I am immediately inspired to go right down to my studio and create, like instantly.

I must say that I have love every. single. thing. I have gotten so far….. and that’s why I think this company is so special .

Jeana, the owner,  has superb taste and creates some of the most beautiful kits out there. period. She’s sooo on trend and just creates some fantastic product. Please go over to her website and check it out, you won’t regret it. promise!

I’ve received February and March already and I’ll be sharing projects I’ve made with them over the next few days, so check back for more!

AND I just got April in the mail yesterday so look forward to that too!

So here’s a little sneak peek of a project I made that I will share on monday!

Alexes Brown - Felicity Jane Kit Club-1

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We had a great time at our house doing absolutely nothing…. It was utterly fantastic!

So, I’ve had a few comments and e-mails lately asking about how my Heidi Swapp planner has been going, so I thought I’d write up a blog post for those of you who were interested!

Instead of doing my normal yearly project life album, which can sometimes be a little overwhelming (especially when you’ve just had your third baby) I’ve decided to incorporate all of my photos and journaling right into my planner itself! I’m pretty sure it the perfect system for my life right now! Genius Heidi, genius!

First I go throughout my month and keep my notes and whatnot for each day in the large rectangle and then I use the right smaller lined section with a memory from that day. I could be anything from something funny my kids said that day, or just how I’m feeling about life.

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner -1

I got the idea from a dear friend of mine who wrote a thought about her husband in a journal for an entire year and then gave that journal to him for Christmas… I mean come on, how amazing is that? So working off of her great idea, I thought I’d start doing the same thing!

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

and then after the month is over I take all of my iPhone photos and print them off as 3×4’s and glue them right into my planner.

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

I love these pages that are in the beginning of every month… they’re a place to record memories about pictures you love and add in some of these awesome Heidi Swapp 3×3 foiled cards!

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

When I first got this planner I didn’t really know what the purpose of these little lists that were included in the planner. I noticed that they were numbered to either 30 or 31 so I figured it had something to do with the days of the month, but I jus couldn’t get that to work for me in any way so I decided to do my own thing.

I decided that for each month I would make a lists that might show some insight into my life. I dearly love to read, so for January I did a list of my most loved books and a list of books I want to read someday. The photo above is a list of all the messes my little girl has made lately…. she’s a crazy one!

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

I love looking back through the days and seeing photos and all of the journaling all in one place!!

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

I’ll be honest and say the one thing I’m not in love with is the fact that adding thick embellishments like chipboard makes it hard for me to write in my planner afterwards. So currently I’ve been trying to only use flat stickers, which is a little bit of a bummer.

Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner Alexes Brown - Heidi Swapp Planner

thank you so much for checking out this blog post! Hope you guys found some inspiration here on my blog!

My Minds Eye – Hello World

Goooood Morning!!!

I bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me today, did ya? Two days in a row? Must be some kind of miracle!!

Today, my dear friends, I’m on the My Minds Eye blog showing off one of the newest collections called Hello World. It’s nothing short of amazing and it was perfect for documenting the trip my family and I took to Portage Bay! Be sure to check their blog to see the rest of the page!! Alexes Marie Brown - MME - Hello World

My Minds Eye – Baby Boston

Hey there My Minds Eye lovers!
I hope each of you had a fantastic Easter! I know we had a fantastic time over here. We woke up to snow which was a bit of a bummer but thankfully everything melted in just a few hours!
Today I want to show you my very first page made with the new On Trend line!
Alexes Marie Brown - My Minds Eye
Years ago I found one of the cutest scrapbook albums and turned it into a baby book for my first baby boy. Since then I searched and searched for the same exact album for the rest of my kids because of course each of my baby albums had to match… perfectly. One might say I have a type A personality…. but the album happened to be a 9×9 album and if you didn’t know apparently NO ONE makes them anymore and they’re extremely difficult to find! So imagine my excitement when I walked into a scrapbook store in a small town in Idaho and I happen to see SEVEN of exact same album! Needless to say I bought three more after I was done with my happy dance! So each time I have a baby I record the first year of their life in one of these precious albums. As most of you know I just had my third baby and it marks the beginning of yet another baby album.
This page I made is the very first for my sweet baby Bostons baby album, I hope you all enjoy!
Alexes Marie Brown - My Minds Eye
One of my very favorite ways to add journaling to my pages is to use my vintage typewriter that my husband bought for me at a garage sale a few years ago!
Alexes Marie Brown - My Minds Eye
I wanted to add something pretty that would add some dimension to this page, so I went with a die cut of these pretty leaves. Then I used some pink and gold watercolor to fill them in, and I’m totally obsessed with how they turned out!
Alexes Marie Brown - My Minds Eye
The papers and embellishments in the new On Trend line are absolutely to DIE for! This gold foil text page and the chunky pink stripes really caught my eye and I love they way they work together to make a whimsical feel to this page.
Thanks everyone for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic day!!

Maggie Holmes – Confetti

oh man…..

I just got a wonderful package in the mail which contained almost all of the new Maggie Holmes line from Crate Paper and I’ve gotta tell you… I’m in love people!

This new line is one of my all time favorites. I’m swooning over the ahhhmazing color scheme, mixes of bold stripes and soft pastel colors, the gorgeous gold glittered flowers, the foliage, great mix of patterns, and just plain awesomeness.

I think I might have to go order some more because I’m thinking I’m going to use every. single. bit.

Alexes Marie Brown - Maggie Holmes Confetti Alexes Marie Brown - Maggie Holmes Confetti Alexes Marie Brown - Maggie Holmes Confetti Alexes Marie Brown - Maggie Holmes Confetti Alexes Marie Brown - Maggie Holmes Confetti